Two 1940s Portraits

I always feel a little sad when I see old photos left in frames at Goodwill.  I'll have another post about the frames, but let's enjoy these two for now:

I found them in the same frame, a double 8x10.  Are they siblings?  Lovers?  Mother and son?  On the back, his is marked "May 1942, Edinburg, Texas."  Hers has some numbers, "554939" and has a white signature in the corner.

Someone cared enough to have these nicely framed and saved them for all these years.  Now, I have them for $1.99.  I just feel responsible for them.

ANYWAY, like I said, update on my recent frame finds coming soon!

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  1. Mother and son definitely! I have a friend who was walking and found a bunch of old photographs just thrown in the trash. She stopped and asked if she could take them and the people said they were cleaning out the house of a relative who had died and they just didn't have a place to keep all the old photos. TERESA