A very UNhappy half birthday to me

I think 30 just hit me, just six months later than I expected. The lack of career is really weighing on me. I know being a full-time parent is far more important. I'm fortunate that my family's financial situation allows me to be at home. We've never been dependent on two incomes (even when we had them - which wasn't often). I feel like I could be doing so much more, but then I feel like I'm already at my breaking point.

Things I Do that I Enjoy
- My church newsletter
- Selling junk
- Throwing baby showers
- Making diaper cakes and the like
- Handcrafting stuff, upcycling stuff
- Hanging out with the homeschool moms in my group
- A successful day of homeschooling

Things I Do that I Kind of Hate 
- Language Arts with my oldest
- TV (I watch too much of it - ironic for someone who doesn't even have TV)
- The drudgery of daily housework
- Spend lots of time reading stuff online and not being part of the online community
- Lacking on the cooking front (not on skills, but on the actual doing of)

I also don't read enough, don't exercise enough, and don't spend enough quality time with my kids. I'm so tapped out from the harping of "Write two sentences about why camping is fun! Why is that SO hard?" that anything additional just feels like too much. I'm kind of an extreme introvert, I thrive on alone time. I took the gang to a new park today. That was time well spent. More of that.

So, let's look at these things ...

I need something for myself that lends itself to the idea of "career." I like making newsletters, making stuff, selling stuff, and - overall - like homeschooling.

Language Arts is awful. It was awful last year and, I think, worse this year. Is it a curriculum problem? I'm doing a different one, so it might be worse, but I don't think that's the true culprit, since it's sucked both years. Maybe stick it out for now and look for a new approach to try in the near future.

I watch too much TV - so, just stop watching it. House still needs cleaned. Maybe get the kids on board with more chores? A reward system and allowance would probably be beneficial.

I can menu plan, which kind of sucks but will make things easier on the cooking front.

 Plan out my involvement online - blog, Facebook, Twitter, a website, etc. It feels weird to "plan" that. Didn't the successful people just kind of have this "happen" to them? Maybe not. At least not anymore.

Oh, and NaNoWriMo was a bust this year.  I got to a little more than 12,000 words and then decided to "research" which resulted in spending more time reading and skimming books than actually writing.  But that's OK.  I'm good with it - 12,000 words isn't too shabby in the universe of wanna-be writers.

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