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I'm a busy mom to three kids, sons Bean (born 2005) and Moose (born 2008) and daughter Flower (born 2011).  Stay at home motherhood, much like mornings, goes against my nature, but I'm making it work - a child, a craft, a DIY project, a book, and, on really rough days, a margarita at a time.  My brief professional background includes creative writing, journalism, marketing, non-profits, sales, and tutoring.  They've all had their perks, but here I am at 30 still wondering when I'll be a real grown up.

We are a Military Family
My husband is in the Air Force.  Yes, we've moved a few times.  Yes, he's gone sometimes.  Yes, we plan on making a career of it.  Being military does not necessarily mean we are social and/or fiscal conservatives.  Nor does it necessarily mean we are religious.  Some military families are those things, some are not.  It's a beautiful, diverse group of people, believe it or not.  Honestly, we don't talk about it a whole lot.

The Down and Dirty on My Family's Choice to Homeschool
I started homeschooling my oldest son in July 2011 - after a lifetime of saying, "I will NEVER homeschool my children."  Upon moving to Louisiana, he spent a year the neighborhood public school.  I was unimpressed with numerous things - standards, class size, parent-teacher interaction, fundraising, food options, etc.  Not quite ready to fork over the big bucks for private school, my husband and I opted to try homeschooling for a semester, then the year, and here we are in year two.  We use secular materials and have no idea if and when this journey will end.  I have respect for all teachers, no matter their teacher environment (public, private, or home).  They're some of the best people I know.

How Many Times Have I Moved?
I've had 19 addresses, so far.  That does not include moving to one place and moving back to another place.  That's 19 different addresses.  On average, that's about 18 months at any given address.  Awesome, right?  The longest I've ever lived at any one address is not quite six years.  My kids have five, three, and one addresses under their respective little belts.

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